Mapping Every Single Halal Place On Earth

Client: HalalPlace


The brief was simple: the Halal Place team had an app that was built by a 3rd party offshore development team in Asia. They had lots of raw data. The app was beset with problems, as expected with a Minimum Viable Product, incurring a bill of thousands of pounds a month, which was unacceptable to the bottom line of the business.

Our job was simple - They had a vision, and it was our job to deliver it within the budget provided.

The proprietors of the mobile app wanted as many downloads as they could achieve, and to set the standard high when it came to finding halal-on-demand. 

Investrix, a multinational product development company, sprang into action, setting up a cross functional team of product managers, developers, data operatives, business consultants, designers, and growth hackers to tackle the problem - all for the cost of a single developer in London. 

[note: This case study is limited in detail since Investrix has NDA's signed with the client for this on-going project]


Complete Rebrand: UX, Logos, Colour schemes, Brand guidelines book for internal and external stakeholders.
Web Ops: Back End web panels, admin access, front end development
Data Ops: Aggregating 15,000 PoI's in the UK alone, expanding to Europe, US and Asia.
Mobile app (iOS): On the App store, 73.3% more cost effective, all feature sets enabled, discounts, turn by turn navigation, 3D maps. A proper Hyperlocal mobile application.
Mobile app (Android): Coming soon.
Analysis: Competitor analysis, UX mapping, user research, business intelligence, real time analytics.
Marketing: Halal Place material packs, stickers, B2B marketing, B2C Marketing campaigns, Social Media campaigns, growth hacking, viral content.

Investrix developed the app with tenacity, efficiency, no challenge being too difficult, tackling the problems from design, growth and development... to go-Live."