Increasing Productivity With Natural Sounds

Client: Harmony Inc


How do we increase producivity using technology? There have been many ways to tackle this problem, especially with technology. According to the The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America they state "Based on psychophysical data and a sound-field analysis through an auditory model, we hypothesize that “natural” sounds as masking sounds have the ability (with equal success as conventional masking sounds) to meet standards and criteria for speech privacy while enhancing cognitive functioning, optimizing the ability to concentrate, and increasing overall worker satisfaction". From our collected research we had to collect and pick which sounds stimulated the brain, using great visual aesethics.



Our primary aim was to create a digital product across all mobile mediums that provided a foundation for brain stimulation. Our intial response was to create a user friendly application working on iOS and Android that produced natural sounds for listening. This project was focused on being user centric, enabling users to be the centre of the product was key in designing and developing this product.



Harmony was designed in a way for when somebody is staring at a natural scene — the trees in the park, an afternoon river, sunshine on a corn field — can help you recover from stress, fatigue, and even physical illness, including sickness and surgery, research has found. Now, a new study suggests natural sounds, whether recorded or live, may be beneficial to your health. Participants who listened to a recording of a natural soundscape showed greater mood recovery after a disturbing event than those who listened to the same soundscape but with added human-made sounds, such as voices and cars. “Natural soundscapes can provide restorative benefits independent of those produced by visual stimuli,” wrote the authors in their published research.

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